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ST-10L Sausage Stuffer

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  • Provide heavy duty rubber gasket to prevent leaks
  • Cylinder tilts back for convenient filling and easy cleaning
  • Material: High quality stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 25.6″ (L) * 16.9″ (W) * 13″ (H).
  • Certification: FDA and LFGB



The KitchenWare Station heavy- duty commercial vertical sausage stuffer ST-10L feature a two levels speed regulation design and dual heavy duty gear system which make it effortless to use and more convenient. This ST-10L are allow to prepare up to 10L or 22lbs of capacity at a time, it is perfect for commercial use in restaurant, commercial kitchen, food processing shops and more. The vertical sausage stuffer ST-10L is made of high quality stainless steel which are harder and more durable, consistent with international sanitation standard and approved by FDA and LFGB. The cylinder of ST-10L also designed to be tilts back for convenient filling. Stainless steel cylinder is removable for easy cleaning and operating. The KWS sausage stuffer also includes a stainless steel piston with an air pressure release valve to allow air to escape up and out, and to ensure even pressure on the ingredient.

Other Feature:
• Overall dimension is 25.6 (L) * 16.9 (W) * 13 (H)
• Including a set of 4 sausage plastic tubes (15, 22, 30 and 38 mm)

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1 review for ST-10L Sausage Stuffer

  1. igor gricj

    very efficient and easy to use

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