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MS-10D Side
MS-10DT back
MS-10D Removal Tool
KWS blade removal tool

MS-10DS 320w Electric Meat Slicer 10″ Anodized Aluminum Alloy Base with Stainless Steel Blade + Blade Removal Tool

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  • 10” Premium Stainless Steel Removal Tool Blade
  • All Metal Parts + Anodized Aluminum Alloy Base + Blade Removal Tools
  • Cutting Thickness 0-0.4”
  • 320-Watts Motor Power
  • Certification: ETL, NSF, FDA, CE, LFGB, and RoHS 

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MS-10DS 320w Electric Meat Slicer 10″ Anodized Aluminum Alloy Base with Stainless Steel Blade + Blade Removal Tool

The KitchenWare Station All Metal Collection MS-10DS 10” high quality stainless steel blade semi- automatic electric meat slicer is perfect for home use, caterers and chefs etc. The MS-10DS 10″ electric meat slicer is a powerful and versatile slicing tool that boasts a robust 320-watt motor. With its metal thickness adjustment knob, this machine enables you to achieve smooth and precise cuts of meats, vegetables, cheeses, and fruits up to .4″ thick (0-10mm) with ease and efficiency. MS-10DS 10” also provides a built-in dual whetstones sharpener and ring guard assembly for the blade, which is more convenient to keep a razor-sharp edge on the blade, and safer to use. The slicer’s blade of KitchenWare Station MS-10DS 10” is constructed of high quality 304 stainless steel; and the body of MS-10DS 10” is made of rugged, hard-coated anodized aluminum alloy which are more durable and less likely to corrode. The 10″ CleanCut knife of this electric meat slicer is removable with the included safe blade removal tool for efficient and safe cleaning.

MS-10DS Detail

Waterproof On-Off Switch & All Metal Parts

The KWS on- off switch and relays are built separately which can highly prevent them from damage together at the same time. All metal components (legs, thickness adjustment control, blade cover knob, handle etc.) making the slicer more durable, hygienic and modern.

The skid proof rubber feet secure the slicer on the countertop while slicing which makes the slicer more sturdy.

High Quality Motor and Power Transformer

Thanks to the 0.4 hp motor and power transformer, it delivers the power needed to tackle constant slicing. The High quality pure copper motor gives the KWS slicer an ideal blend of durability and performance. And the transformer can efficiently prevent electric leakage and short circuit.

Meat Slicer Motor
MS-10DS Product Tray Detail

Removable Product Tray Assembly

The product tray of our KWS MS-10DS meat slicer can hold foods up to 7 (L) X 7.5(W) X 5.5 (H). The carriage can also be removed easily for thorough cleaning. This feature can reduce seams and hard-to-reach places where bacteria can grow, making the slicer as easy as possible to clean.

Built- In Sharpener

Our KWS slicer features a built- in sharpener that both hones and sharpens the blade. It helps the blade to maintain a sharp edge for slicing by pushing the front and back button for a couple of seconds, ensuring that your blade is always razor sharp and ready to slice.

KWS Sharpener for 10-Inch Slicer
Stainless Steel Removal Tool Blade

High Quality 304 Stainless Steel Removal Tool Blade

Unlike some of the carbon steel blades on the market which has a shorter service life, is easily oxidized and blunt out. Our KWS 10″ high quality 304 Stainless Steel blade is anti-rust, firm and more durable. It offers precision while providing several different slice adjustments. It consistently and effortlessly cuts meat, vegetables, or cheese from paper thin to 0.4 inch thick.

Safe Blade Removal System

This slicer comes with a removable blade and a safe blade removal tool so there is no need to worry about cleaning the blade, it also makes the unit incredibly simple to clean.

The blade removal tool is slightly larger than the diameter of the blade, therefore, the edge of the blade never exceeds the edge of blade removal tool making it safe to handle.

MS-10D Removal Tool Crop

Other Features:

• Skid proof metal feet secure the slicer on the counter-top while slicing
• Creates a more consistent, even product
• On-off switch with waterproof cover
• Easy to clean and maintenance
• 1 additional whetstone and 1 additional belt
• Voltage: 110V/ 60HZ
• Rotary Speed: 525 r/min
• Product Tray Dimension: 7″ (L) X 7.5″(W) X 5.5″ (H)
• Overall dimensions: 20.1″ (L) * 18.5″ (W) *15.5″ (H)

10-Inch Slicer Model Comparison Chart:

10-Inch Slicer Comparison Chart

Item arrives in packaging that shows what’s inside. If this is a gift, please request for information to be hidden under note during checkout.

Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

Additional information+
Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 19 × 15 in
Reviews (7)+

7 reviews for MS-10DS 320w Electric Meat Slicer 10″ Anodized Aluminum Alloy Base with Stainless Steel Blade + Blade Removal Tool

  1. Anne LeBlanc

    Great for home! Fairly compact for size of blade. All stainless look blends well with other home kitchen appliances. Works well. No issues

  2. Deborah

    Very Happy with item. Colby cheese sliced a bit hard when on the the thickest setting but reducing it to thinner setting was wonderful.

  3. John A. Soderquist

    Well built. Cleaning is a big deal, but it really works well. Haven”t tested frozen meat yet, but deli meats are a snap.

  4. Rwb

    Well made, pro quality

  5. Tagg

    This all metal meat slicer has sharp edges along many parts. I wore cut resistant gloves while assembling, disassembling, and cleaning.

    Assembly is straightforward, with patience and a little elbow grease. The Blade Removal Tool needed extra care at first to thread both screws correctly in both screw holes. The most challenging assembly step was ensuring that both screwheads for the Plastic Food Baffle seated flush in the Food Carrier.

    Disassembly for cleaning is also straightforward, but as others might say: It’s a bit of a chore. I cleaned it before and after using. Before using, I found metal dust on the cleaning cloth, especially from the blade.
    * The Blade Removal Tool fully covers the blade’s edges, for submersed washing in the sink. Moreover, the three blade screws are more than 1 cm long and easy to remove, catch, and insert.
    * After using, I found bits of meat and juices over almost all of its surfaces. Part #20 or #121, the protective cover of slide block, is not sealed along its top and bottom edges. For ease of cleaning and sanitation, I am considering sealing that with food grade silicone.

    The KWS Metal Collection Commercial MS-10DS is smooth to operate. The Blade Guard Canopy covers the three blade screws and enables smooth slicing. I sliced refrigerated tritip (~56F) into thin steaks at 15 thickness; and frozen beef tongue (~31F) into thin slices near 1 thickness. Maybe a total of 5-10 minutes? The Food Locating Arm held the meat in place nicely. I did not observe any stalling or strain by this meat slicer. Its overheat protective function also did not engage.
    I had only two difficulties using this meat slicer
    1. I find it takes extra torque power to move thickness control knob between 7 and 12 settings. I anticipate that will ease as it wears in through continued use.
    2. When slicing, the trailing edge is rarely cut through. Either adding a 5mm thick buffer along the inside of the Food Carrier’s trailing lip, or using a bit of sacrifice from the product, will position the product forward enough to ensure consistent smooth slicing of the trailing edge. From my understanding, this is a common experience with almost all similar meat slicers. When product got stuck near the blade, I first turned the meat slicer off and unplugged it from power before reaching near the blade.

  6. rosemayre harmon

    its perfect for home use especially if you want very thin slices for sandwiches

  7. musicmanftc41

    Product is perfect. Operation is smooth as silk. Very quiet. Came packaged very securely. No issues.

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Spare Parts

  • Transparent Hand Guard Side

    Part # 55 Hand Guard for 10-inch Meat Slicer

  • Hand Guard Screw Set for 10-Inch Meat Slicer

  • 10 inch belt

    Part #19 Replacement Belt for 10 inches Meat Slicer (Fits All 10-Inch Models)

  • Placeholder

    Part # 23 Metal Thickness Adjustment Control for MS-10 Meat Slicer (Fits Models MS-10ES, MS-10ET, MS-10DS, MS-10DT)

  • 12 inch towing bracket

    Part # 32 Towing Bracket for 10-Inch Meat Slicer

  • MS-10 Slicer Metal Leg

    Part #53 Metal Foot for 10-Inch Meat Slicer

  • KWS motor

    Part # 12 320W Motor for 10 inches Meat Slicer (Fits All 10-Inch Models )

  • Stainless Steel Removal Tool Blade

    Part #5 Stainless Steel Removal Tool Blade for 10-Inch Meat Slicer (Fits All 10-Inch Models)

  • Placeholder

    Part# 52 Sharpener Knob (Fits All 6-Inch and 10-Inch Slicer Models)

  • Placeholder

    Part # 34 Bearing Set for 10 inches Meat Slicer (Fit All 10-Inch Models)

  • Placeholder

    Cable Gland for MS-10 Meat Slicer

  • KWS Blade Pulley

    Blade Pulley Set for 10-inch Meat Slicer (Fit All MS-10 Models )

  • Placeholder

    Part # 54 Blade Guard Ring Screw for 10-inch Meat Slicer

  • #35 - carriage release metal knob side

    Part # 35 Metal Carriage Release Knob for 10-Inch Meat Slicer (Fits Models MS-10ES, MS-10ET, MS-10DS, MS-10DT)

  • Part # 7 Support Arm for MS-10 Meat Slicer

  • Part # 21 Power Cord for MS-10 Meat Slicer

  • KWS meat slicer sharpening stone

    Sharpening Stone Set for 10-Inch Model Meat Slicer

  • KWS Blade Guard Ring

    Part # 6 Blade Guard Ring for 10-Inch Meat Slicer (Fits Models All MS-10 Models )

  • Placeholder

    Part # 64 Square Head Nut for MS-10 Meat Slicer

  • #45 MS-10 sharpener support

    Part # 45 Sharpener Support for MS-10 Meat Slicer

  • KWS relay

    Part #36 Relay for 10-Inch Slicer (Fits Models MS-10NS, MS-10NT, MS-10ES, MS-10ET, MS-10DS, MS-10DT, MS-10XT, MS-10SL)

  • Part #41 Bottom Plate for 10 inches Meat Slicer (Fits Models MS-10DS, MS-10DT, MS-10NS, MS-10NT, MS-10SL)

  • Meat Slicer product grip

    Part #8 Product Grip for 10-Inch Meat Slicer

  • Placeholder

    Product Tray Assembly for MS-10 Meat Slicer

  • Slice Guard

    Part #42 Slice Guard for 10-Inch Meat Slicer

  • cam

    Part # 25 Cam Regulator for 10 inch Meat Slicer

  • #139 Product Tray Slide Rod

    Part # 30 Product Tray Slide Rod for MS-10 Meat Slicer

  • #10-slicer metal handle

    Part #10 All Metal Handle for 10-Inch Meat Slicer

  • #31+140 quadrate axis

    Part # 31 Quadrate Axis for MS-10 Meat Slicer

  • Meat Slicer Removal Tool Teflon Blade

    Part #5 Teflon Removal Tool Blade for 10-inch Meat Slicer (Fits All 10-Inch Models)

  • #15 - Metal Blade Cover Knob Side

    Part # 15 Metal Blade Cover Knob for 10-Inch Meat Slicer

  • KWS Sharpener for 10-Inch Slicer

    Sharpener for 10-Inch Meat Slicer

  • Slice Guard Screw

    Part # 71 Slice Guard Screw for 10-Inch Meat Slicer

  • Sharpener Metal Knob

    Part# 52 Metal Sharpener Knob (Fits All 6-Inch and 10-Inch Slicer Models)

  • KWS blade removal tool

    Blade Removal Tool for 10-Inch Meat Slicer

  • KWS blade guard disc

    Part #4 Blade Cover for MS-10 Meat Slicer (Fits All 10-Inch Models)

  • meat slicer on- off switch

    Part # 40 On- Off Button For 10 inch Meat Slicer (Fit All 10-Inch Models)