MS-10NT 10″ 320W Meat Slicer with Teflon Blade

(189 customer reviews)


  • 10″ Premium Teflon Blade
  • Aluminum Base
  • Cutting Thickness 0-0.4″
  • 320-Watts Motor Power
  • ETL NSF FDA Approved
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MS-10NT 10″ 320W Electric Meat Slicer with Teflon Blade

The new Non-Sticky Teflon Blade is better for cutting cheese. The KitchenWare Station MS-10NT 10″ high quality Teflon blade commercial semi- automatic electric meat slicer in silver is perfect for commercial use, home use, caterers and chefs etc. MS-10NT 10″ features 320 watts of motor power for commercial applications, it is perfect for slicing meats(recommended), vegetables, cheeses and fruits smoothly, quickly and effortlessly up to .4″ thick (0-10mm) with the numerical scale knob. MS-10NT 10″ also provides a built-in dual whetstones sharpener and ring guard assembly for the blade, which is more convenient to keep a razor sharp edge on the blade, and safer to use. The slicer’s blade of KitchenWare Station MS-10NT 10″ in silver is constructed of high quality stainless steel; and the body of MS-10NT 10″ is made of aluminum which are more durable and less likely to corrode.


Other features:
• Skid proof rubber feet secure the slicer on the counter-top while slicing
• Creates a more consistent, even product
• On-off switch with waterproof cover
• Easy to clean and maintenance
• Fixed Device Handle for Pushing the Fixed Meat to Slice
• 1 additional whetstone and 1 additional belt
• Voltage: 110V/ 60HZ
• Rotary Speed: 525 r/min
• Product Tray Dimension (inch): 7 (L) X 7.5 (W) X 5.5 (H)
• Overall dimensions: 20.1 (L) * 18.5 (W) *15.5 (H)

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Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 19 × 15 in
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189 reviews for MS-10NT 10″ 320W Meat Slicer with Teflon Blade

  1. Nicole

    After browsing around between all the stores I think this is the only brand selling this special Teflon Blade. It claim to be non-sticky and perfect for cheese slicing. So I decided to give it a try. I purchased it for my 30 people wine tasting party. I prefer this commercial level slicer because I always host big party and since my previous home use slicer broke down within a year. 🙁 so for my 30 people wine tasting party, I need to prepare a lot of Cheese Of Course! Seriously it was pretty impressive, the blade do work great with cheese! Non-sticky. So I don’t have to wipe it often during the slicing process. I’m glade I purchased it. Saves me tons of time on preparing food.

  2. AJG

    Was a gift and he loved it. Has used it many times

  3. My Opinion Counts

    We went from a cheaper one to this because I was tired of cutting meat with the old one, it was slow process and far from precise. I feel like I could open very own deli now! This is beyond awesome and is smooth to use. If there was a ten star button I would’ve used it. We have eight kids so making school lunches will be much easier now. You will not regret the purchase. This also has a very large width so cutting a full black forest ham from Sam’s club is no problem.

  4. J. Derr

    Just sliced 10lbs of ham, 5lbs cheese and 3 lbs of smoked turkey breast. Unit sliced all very well and as thin as I needed. The teflon blade did not stick. Obviously this unit is made in China, very poor instructions but seems well built. The blade is solid and very heavy. Probably 20% of total unit weight. Allow 20 to 30 minutes for cleaning . For the money it’s a good buy.

  5. Connie Gallamore

    Very easy to use, nice heavy duty slicer. Will use this a lot! Great purchase.

  6. Johnny R Blaha

    Very nice slicer, and it works great.

  7. kevin parker

    Great slicer. Yes it’s weighty and bulky, it’s a semi-commercial slicer. Clean up is pretty straight forward and easy. I recommend you put down some newspaper around it and some parchment paper on the food catching side. This makes clean up a breeze, takes us less than 30 min to tidy up. This slicer will pay for itself. I would recommend this slicer to anyone just short of commercial work.

  8. Denise Gagliardo

    Cuts roast beefs fabulous

  9. Pinktylip1240

    Works great! High Quality!

  10. JOSEPH

    great slicer and more


    Just Perfect

  12. Debbie Yocom

    Great product! Replaced our $150 slicer as it wasn’t getting the job done and was difficult to reassemble. This slicer actually does cut accurately and thin. Cuts cheese without crumbling it. We are very happy with this purchase and love the ability to cut paper thin meat and consistent accurate meat for jerky.

  13. rick hansen

    work great

  14. Steven Schultz

    Everything was fine.

  15. Rich Corrigan

    Very quick response to questions.

  16. Mitch Bart

    I needed a slicer that would cut the entire slab of meat and not leave any meat left over. Our former slicer was designed where the bottom of the roast could not be cut by the blade as it sat below the edge. Userd the new one to slice up a hot corned beek brisket and it was extremely smooth and easy to use. I had no problems in cleaning up the unit and the blade with out having to remove it. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a quality slicer and doesn’t want to pay a high price.

  17. Nancy Carufel

    Great machine and can easily handle all my slicing needs!

  18. Claudia Kieffer

    Love the slicer!

  19. Larry E. Sibbitt

    The only reason I gave this slicer a four star instead of five stars is because of the cleaning. It is not the easiest thing to clean but can take about thirty minutes and is somewhat awkward, It slices very easy, clean and with ease.

  20. Robin Zeller

    My KWS slicer is nothing short of fantastic. I got the Teflon blade because I slice a lot of cheese. I slice meat and cheese at least once a week in my home. I have diabetes and a heart condition so I really have to watch my diet. There are few ready made diet programs good for both kinds of conditions. You have to keep an eye on both fat intake and carbs. As a result keeping track of portioning is very important. The ability to slice meats cheese and other products with great consistency makes computing dietary intake very easy. You need the ability to slice thin or thick as you need to help make things easier. This slicer cuts from paper thin, literally see through slices, to very thick. I burned up a smaller slicer in less than six months. In that one from the beginning I could hear it slow down when slicing cheese. What few of the manufacturers tell you is that most of these machines are not meant to slice cheese. The Teflon blade has no problem handling cheese and is the only slicer I found in this price range that actually says it can slice cheese. (This model with just the stainless steel blade is not rated for cheese slicing) Even large cheese loaves are sliced easily. Clean up is pretty easy with this machine. It’s a bit trickier than with the smaller machines but that’s because the safety guard and screw system are heavier than the smaller machines. Once you try it a couple of times it’s really pretty easy. One important point, and it’s brought up in both the written manual provided with the machine and in the KWS video on how to clean your slicer, it’s most important to wear cut resistant gloves when cleaning this slicer. The blade is very, very sharp. This machine arrived ahead of the promised date, and the packaging was very good. The construction is excellent. The first time I removed the blade for cleaning I had some difficulty removing the three Philips head screws. Luckily my son had a wrench that fit into the square hole in the blade shaft. ALL the screws are tightened very well. No problems with any of them coming loose. The slicer is quiet when in operation, and the controls are all in logical places. Easy to see and use. The tray is big enough for anything I have tried so far. The slices are all uniform and the blade cuts completely through the meat or cheese without any uncut edges that formed a flap like protrusion that was left after some cuts when I used my last slicer. I would recommend this machine to anyone looking for a good slicer with a very reasonable price.

  21. larry sibbitt

    Hard to clean. Bad choice by me . Slices cheese very easy and meat for Jerky is great. If it was easier to clean it would great.

  22. Robin Zeller

    Product arrived ahead of promised date.

  23. Viktor Lopachuk

    Just As Described works awesome fast Shipping A ++

  24. Ronald F Diehl

    Unit arrive in good condition. No damage, packaging was excellent.

  25. William Van Ostenbridge

    Exactly what I wanted. Well built. Quality piece of machinery

  26. William Deatrick

    On time and as promised

  27. Marlene M. Schmeda

    Foot and screw were broken/ dented during shipment. Supplier sent damaged parts immediately.

  28. Jake From Philly

    I bought this as a gift for my father. Its quite and powerful. I want to give it four stars, it works great, but its blade had some nicks on rival. It still a great product and would recommend at 4 stars but that blade should have been flawless upon arrival.

  29. Robert E Shaw


  30. Linda L Paquette-Pelc

    Very happy with purchase, works great!

  31. Rob

    Love it!

  32. Tim Wheeler

    I bought this for my son , and he used it the day after xmas and he was very pleased it was exactly as stated he had tried reg . ones and they didn’t do the job , but this one was excellent , he makes jerky and cuts his meat etc. so if ur on the fence I say invest n quality u wont b disappointed the only complaint was the cleaning but that was his first time so that will get better.

  33. Ron Diehl

    The machine is easy to use. Not to difficult to clean. Appears to be well made. Runs fairly quiet. All in all a good investment on upgrading some of my kitchen units.


    I have only used it a couple times so far but I LOVE it, it cuts great on partially frozen meat, the controls are easy — so much better than my last slicer. I read several reviews saying it was difficult to clean before purchasing the item, I didn’t find this to be for me. I can have it apart in a couple minutes, it does take a few minutes to get it clean everywhere as there are a log of nooks and crannies.

  35. ssentell

    I love this meat slicer. It can cut very thin slices of meat or cheese. Cleaning is a little more time consuming than my smaller one, but this one is commercial grade. The only reason I gave it a 4 start is because it can be a little dangerous if your not paying attention. I nicked myself the first time I used it. The blade is very sharp. This machine is great If your careful, especially while cleaning it.

  36. Jaci Newman

    Great quality! Fedex held up my order for a few days. But totally worth the weight!

  37. Michigan Engineer

    This is an excellent slicer…commercial quality. The feeder slides smoothly with little resistance, the teflon blade is great for cutting cheese with minimal sticking, and I found it easy to clean by putting the whole thing in a double-wide sink. It’s heavy, but that’s a good thing when you’re using it…just not so much when you’re moving it 🙂 The thickness control is super-easy to use, and it reliably cuts ham down to “fluffed ham” thickness. I can’t think of anything that needs improving on this slicer.

  38. Curt Imanse

    Had to return first one due to blade guard being misaligned in shipping evidently. Regardless, I’m giving the product itself 5 stars, as it’s a fantastic slicer.

  39. chad swanson

    great slicer

  40. huntress

    This works great! So glad we spent a little extra and got this! After receiving it and using it I went back up to Cabelas and checked there’s out again. This is built 10 times better! It slices cheese perfect and shaves the meat super thin with no problems! I would definitely recommend this, I see it lasting us a long time!

  41. adam j anderton

    Good slicer all it was promised to be makes great thin cuts great for cutting cheeses. Only thin would be nice to keep it from moving while cutting. Small problem though.

  42. Michelle Stephens

    Awsome machine! Works great and service was prompt.

  43. Jay Brooks

    Meat slicer was just as stated, no problem.

  44. Wesley Nichols

    Works as advertised. Pretty easy to disassemble for cleaning.

  45. Marladeen Risteen

    Arived very fast ! And On My Goodness it worls like a dream. It sliced through the meat like butter, no effort at all. Easy clean up as well. Pretty heavy as this is a very well made slicer. Not like the ones you get at the stores. Very very nice and will last you a life time.

  46. Customer

    Works awesome. Really nice shaved ham. Just what I wanted.

  47. KWS Customer


  48. Vito DiSalvo


  49. Pap

    Good machine

  50. John Rost

    Finally, I bought a product that makes me feel like I made a good decision. Slices cheese without issue, along with salami, and was very simple to disassemble and clean. Huge improvement over my old unit, a Nesco home slicer. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a slicer that will do what they need it to do in their home kitchen.

  51. John Rost

    Finally, I bought a product that makes me feel like I made a good decision. Slices cheese without issue, along with salami, and was very simple to disassemble and clean. Huge improvement over my old unit, a Nesco home slicer. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a slicer that will do what they need it to do in their home kitchen.

  52. PJHHobbit

    I have no idea of the quality or usefulness of this slicer since I bought for a couple relatives in another state and have not seen it. I don’t think they have even put it to use yet. There were a lot of good reviews on this product and that influenced my purchasing decision.

  53. Robert Annunziata

    Good slicer. Cut ham and baby Swiss cheese. Works well.

  54. KWS Customer

    This KWS Commercial 10″ meat slicer works very well! I have recently started making charcuterie and this machine can thinly slice my salami, pepperoni, bresaola, etc…. It seems to be engineered and built well. I expect it to last a long time!

  55. K. Huffman

    This is a fairly heavy duty slicer. Slices very thin, up to about 3/4 inch. Works great, and taking it apart for cleaning is pretty easy.

  56. Paul Adams


  57. Michael Sturdivant

    Slice arrived when expected. Arrived in good shape.

  58. John M Lammert

    Bought this for a church group that serves a warm evening meal on Mondays for the hungry. The cooks love how easily it slices turkey rolls and ham for 90 meals each week. I did discover that the rod that the meat/cheese holder slides along needs a thin film of food-grade silicon grease to prevents binding. I found this out after the holder needed a slight blow from a hammer after a frantic call from one of cooks who said “It doesn’t work.” Once I added the grease (ordered from Amazon), we have had no problems.

  59. L


  60. Glenn Holler

    This is awesome. Customer service could not be better. I had been using an older slicer that was over twice as heavy ,this one out performs hands down.

  61. gail holler

    This is a real workhorse of a slicer. It did all my old one that weighed three times as much did easier and clean up is a dream.

  62. Wendell H. Goss

    I used this slicer to cut up 17lbs. of side meat into beacon and I love it ! easy to clean up !

  63. A-lign-ment

    I agonized over which slicer to buy for WEEKS and read DOZENS of reviews. Buying any of these Chinese machines is a gamble, but KWS is truly trustworthy. Ultimately I chose this machine based on the SELLER. That was wise and I am SO GLAD I did. More on that below.

    This has plenty of power. It slices full slabs of bacon beautifully and perfectly. Yes, you have to fold the slab in half, but that’s no big deal and even a 12″ slicer will require you to do that. It will also SHAVE meat paper thin. I bought this specifically for those two reasons: Bacon, and shaving meat super thin. I love to make my own meats and slice them deli thin and pile them on sandwiches. I have made my own smoked turkey breast, roast beef, smoked roast beef, and all kinds of stuff I could only dream of. My wife and kids LOVE having fresh deli meat that has only the ingredients I put in it. I am very reluctant to rate this 4 stars instead of 5, but I did have a problem. One of the screws that holds the blade on was stripped. I read about this problem with other slicers and I am extremely mechanical and handy (I have a 500 square foot shop with every tool known to man). I was extremely cautious with the screws, but as I said, one was stripped. The seller offered to replace the machine, but I asked to have the part sent to me. They HAVE PARTS!! They sent it to me free of charge. For now, I’m just being very careful, but I will have to replace the pulley piece eventually.

    Cleaning is not bad, but you WILL need no-cut gloves. Get a pair, not just one. I scoffed at this advice, then got a single one locally, then got a pair here on Amazon (for the same price as the single). I don’t understand those fussing about cleaning it. Go to your local grocer’s deli at closing time and watch the nightmare of cleaning the commercial machines. Just like a commercial machine costing thousands, it will sling little bits around if you cut a lot of meat at once. Put some foil under it and up the wall a few inches before using it. (That is not a criticism or a negative. This is a very well-made machine and there is no slicer made that doesn’t operate like this.) I haven’t cut cheese yet, but with the power it has, I am 100% confident it will sail through it.

    Summary: This thing is awesome, I love it, and I’d buy it again.

  64. Elizabeth Lupini

    Great product. It was a gift for my husband and he was very pleased with its performance.


    Well worth the money.. I did my research and I am very happy that I picked this slicer..

  66. Sandiego

    This slicer slices like a dream, not like our previous meat slicer. This is top notch!! My husband loves using it. Initially, to get the blade off was tough. Go to u-tube and their tip worked on getting the blade off. It is screwed on tight! We love the quality of this slicer. We read the reviews.

  67. William R Scholl

    Great Product!

  68. Critical Consumer

    This is a very impressive machine. I have many years of experience with tools and equipment and I think the build quality of this slicer is excellent.
    We debated the wisdom of spending this kind of money on a meat/cheese slicer and if you only use it intermittently it might not be worth the price. We won’t use it every day and we decided it was still worth having. No regrets here.

  69. gail kennedy

    Good solid slicer that’s easy to use and move around.

  70. Christina Clowes

    This is an awesome slicer! I feel like opening up a deli! Make sure you buy some no cry no cut gloves for when you dismantle for cleaning. The blade is extremely sharp! It could be a little easier to dismantle, but once you have the hang of it it’s not really a problem. Takes about 15 to 20 minutes to clean it properly. Nevertheless it works great. If you’ve ever tried to thinly slice a lot of flank steak at one time with a knife you’ll appreciate this machine greatly!! It is extremely quiet and works just like the slicer at your local grocery store!

  71. jpder

    High quality, able to get really thin slices, not super difficult to clean, as long as you are careful.

  72. GTM

    They delivered as promised. The product was exactly what I expected and was very pleased with the service, the price and the product

  73. wendell h goss

    I love it !!

  74. Robert Mullins

    Plenty of power , at a very good price ! !

  75. Stephen Edwards

    Works great! Slicing is a breeze and clean cuts!

  76. Marladeen

    Oh my goodness, This is the best slicker we have ever owned and will be the last one I will ever have to buy. Great quality and works great. I use it on meats and cheese and it works like a dream.


    Great Seller!

  78. Andy Klinger

    Good value. Does a nice job.

  79. Noah

    Love this meat slicer!!!! I did some serious research on which meat slicer I should purchase for my home. Now I know this is a little much for just a smaller scale of meat slicing comepared to a deli but I didn’t want to get a regular sized home meat slicer and not be able to slice what I want. Our first time using the slicer was for my 2 year old birthday party. We sliced all the meat for sandwiches and sliced all the vegetables with no effort! It was a dream! Deli sliced lettuce and perfect sized tomato and onions every time! It was awesome! I had a blast! Cleaning isn’t to bad for this big machine either. It’s heavy for moving around but what do you expect for this kind of machine. Over all great product! Recommend for sure!

  80. KWS customer

    Great slicer

  81. John W. Pink, ChFC

    I love, love, LOVE this slicer. I cure a lot of my own meats, including bacon and needed a slicer that could keep up and not put me in the poor house at the same time. This certainly fits the bill. It’s easy to break down and clean too. I always wear “cut resistant gloves while cleaning and handling the blade as it’s razor sharp and a little caution goes a long way. Great purchase, very happy.

  82. Robert McGuire

    Everything was as expected.

  83. Robert McGuire

    Everything was as expected.

  84. Matt H.

    After lamenting for weeks over which slicer to purchase, I ultimately went with the KWS and could not be happier. I completely disassembled the unit and cleaned it prior to use. I had no difficulty removing the blade or any component. I had about 20 lbs. of homemade deli meats to slice along with 7 lbs. of cheese and several large onions. The work was smooth and effortless. The meats were done thinner than paper and the cheese slices were perfect. Clean up was easy. Can’t wait to slice more! Way, way better than my old $75 slicer! It has the commercial feel and performance I was looking for.

  85. Patrick Phillips

    Oh Yeah! This thing cuts like the Glory of God. We’ve done roast beef, London broil and so forth – I can’t wait to try beef jerky. At first we struggled with cleaning the unit, but after figuring out you can remove 3-4 key pieces (i.e the slide); cleanup became much easier. As with other reviews I have seen, I would caution you when handling the blade – it actually, really is sharp. This is a pleasant surprise considering how many knives,circular saw blades, chain saw blades, planer blades, etc. that I have purchased over the years that claim to be sharp, only to need attention “right out of the box”.

  86. Bronk

    If you are into making, curing , smoking your own meats this is a must have. So far we have used it for home made bacon and canadian bacon. It is the real deal. Works smoothly and beautiful thin or thick slices. I do recommend getting a safety glove for handling the blade. It is a sharp and slippery beast. We are making the meats not just for ourselves but our children and grandchildren. Part of having control of your food chain, knowing what you are eating and saving substantial money in the process.

  87. Steve Fisher

    This is a Beast, But Day 1, I sliced 5 Lbs of Beef for jerky and NO ONE in the house was even aware. It super quiet, and yes, It time consuming to clean..But this aint your Nana Revel Slicer( Oh Wait that was my old one) .. So far Im Loving this…

  88. Cody McDonald

    Love this slicer, leaps and bounds above my old 100 dollar slicer. Only issue is meat will stick to back of the blade if you don’t move the sliced meat often. Great machine so far though, only have 20lbs of meat through it as of now but if I have issues down the road I will edit this post.

  89. Steve Fisher

    So far works as I had Hoped, I wanted a slicer mainly for jerky and slicing Lunch Meats . This is Just what i wanted

  90. KWS Customer

    Work great, sliced up 60lbs of Canadian bacon with no problems. Lots of power to slice trough a dense piece of meat. It takes a little work to clean it but not to bad. Like the other review stated buy some cut proof gloves, the blade is very sharp! I did when I bought the slicer and was very glad I did. Easy to run and take apart to clean, very satisfied with this product.

  91. CHUAN

    The one I bought was damaged, I would like to buy another one, please make sure it is not damaged this time

  92. richard l.

    A powerhouse! Smooth, quiet and pretty easy to keep clean. Expect it to last from now on.

  93. Matthew Johnson

    Great people!!

  94. frank nerat

    Awesomely smooth transaction

  95. KWS Customer

    Great product. Works fantastic. Used it to slice tri-tip for two large events. Saves time and hands!!

  96. Chuck Whaley

    fast shipping and appears to be as described. My product review will be after some use. I would buy from this seller again.

  97. J. M. Maggi

    Got the Teflon coated blade and this slicer cuts meat and blocks of cheese effortlessly

  98. Patricia

    Slices well and easy clean up

  99. Douglas

    Love our meat slicer. However, it is a pain to clean. I make a point to smoke large batches of meat before using it. It’s just not worth the cleanup time if only doing one tri-tip, etc.

  100. DougY

    Great meat slicer. Only negative is the time it takes to clean up afterwards.

  101. Kenneth

    Works great

  102. Keith K

    This worked great to slice cheddar cheese and ham. Make sure you buy the cut-proof gloves when you order this, you are going to need them when you wash the unit.


    Very nice machine. It works great on my Charcuterie. Also cut cheese with ease.


    Excellent product!

  105. doodlebugs2001

    Came with missing bolts for shield

  106. JCP

    I just received and set up the slicer today. I took the time to learn how to take off the blade for cleaning when the time comes. Contrary to the many reviews herein, I was amazed how simple the mfr. has made it to remove the blade for washing and reinstallation. I only did it once but most of the time was spent identifying the part(s) per the diagram. I’m no master mechanic, but I was able to unscrew the knurled knob in the back which releases the front cover plate in about 10 seconds. This then gives you access to the slicing blade and the three phillips head screws holding the blade to the motor spindle. The blade then just pops off. Rinse it in the sink and wipe down the rest of the machine with a sponge and a little soapy water. I put it back on in the reverse order that it came off and I was ready to go. What could possibly be simpler? I can now do this in about 3 minutes excluding the time it takes to wipe down the machine. You can also remove the carriage meat holding tray by unscewing the large knob in the front of the machine. This makes everything accessible to wipe down. Honestly, what’s the big deal? I will post an update as soon as I use the machine. Right now I have only sliced a small potato into wafer thin slices for potato chips, but they look perfect. The other observation, I have made is the substantial weight of the slicing blade. It is quite heavy in comparison to those wimpy little stainless steel blades that come with the smaller consumer rated slicers. The machine also spins 4 to 5 times faster than those little slicers. Couple that with the heavier blade and everything appears like it would slice like a hot knife through warm butter. Again, will repost when I put the machine through its paces.

  107. Pamela

    The slicer works excellent, couldn’t be more pleased with the quality and it was shipped as promised , two days.

  108. Mseace

    She said it works great and no issues. easy to clean

  109. Keith

    Well packaged and quick shipping!

  110. FLHTCUI

    This really does a great job. Be careful, the blade is real sharp. I’ll also grind my own meat (on another device). So, cleanup is expected. The design made it as easy as it possibly could. It’s really not that hard, just expect it. All the cuts were uniform, brings my roast beast to a new level. I expect this to last many decades.

  111. Clarence

    Tried others. This company sets the machine ready for work. Excellent fewds easy adjust easily slices and the cut product drops off the blade nicely.

  112. Bronwynn Huttger

    Have had this unit for about a year now and I have to say I’m impressed. Blade is still razor sharp and no isssue’s with workablity of this unit. All in all a good dependable working unit. Easy clean up too.

  113. Paul

    good product good seller

  114. Ray

    Love this machine. It’s not a peace of junk it’s a real slicer just like at the Deli’s and meat counters.

  115. Michael

    Very happy with the performance.

  116. Tracy

    Wow. What a gorgeous price of machinery!! For people who are serious about slicing! It does do the job & well done. Easy to clean & use. Highly reccomend.

  117. Nathan R Castoldi

    I purchased this meat slicer with the intention of cutting some of my homemade hard cured meats. The day after it arrived I tried it out and it worked great. It cut coppa cola thin enough I could see through it. My only complaints is the instructions were difficult to read but even so it was very easy to use.

  118. Ray

    This is a heavy duty and solid slicer. I can see it will give me years of great service, I am very happy with my purchase.

  119. KWS Customer

    I’m giving home made beef jerky to my meat eating sons this Christmas. I just finished cutting about 4 pounds of top round into thin slices. Wow, what a joy. In the past it was all done by hand then pounded thinner. To clean the machine you will need a soft brush to get into all the nooks and crannies. Also get some gloves for dealing with the blade. I would not handle it without protection from cuts. I did wrap parts of the slicer with plastic wrap just to protect these areas from needing heavy cleaning. I make my own bacon also and I can’t wait to use it on that also.

  120. Buck

    This is a great slicer. Comes apart very easily for cleaning. Only negative is you are limited to the length of meat you can slice. I already had an old slicer, but it weighed a ton. This one is much lighter and easier to handle. The other difference is there is a limit on how far you can slice. So at the end of slicing you are left with a thicker piece than normal.

  121. KWS Customer

    For the price very well made. Pretty quiet and smooth movements.

  122. Gil Meyers

    This product is awesome for the price. Cleaning is a little bit of a chore but this product zips through all kinds of meats and cheeses like a hot knife through butter.

  123. Melvin Al Farris

    I had purchased a Chef’sChoice 6150000 Food Slicer back in January 2015. It was a good slicer, easy to use and easy to clean. But it was a light duty slicer. When it finally fell apart a week ago, (Meat partially still frozen was to much of a load for the light duty slicer) I decided to hunt something down that was a little heavier duty,….yet still in my budget. After a good bit of time researching, I settled on this. The KWS Premium Commercial 320w Electric Meat Slicer 10″ with Non-sticky Teflon Blade. It came in today. I unboxed the unit and was immediately somewhat disappointed. I immediately saw two scratches on the main body of the slicer. I thought about sending it back,…then decided it was just a tool. My next step was to perform an operation because of fellow reviews. I took the unit apart so I could remove the three screws holding the blade. When I got to the three screws,…..I found that they were NOT overly tight. But I was again disappointed in the plate that covers the blade. There was an edge that looks to have hit something hard. The edge was rough and I knew it would catch the product I would be slicing. Also the actual blade had an imperfection on it, that was coated over with Teflon. If I was to ever slice cheese,….this would be where the cheese would stick and start to build up.
    I did browse through the owners manual and as others have stated,…..it is pretty much useless.
    I cleaned everything up and put it back together. I then started slicing boneless chicken. These are my observations.
    The machine is very quiet. And the machine does slice very well. Is it a true commercial slicer? No! But you have to use common sense here. A machine that costs less than $400 will never compete with a machine that costs several thousands of dollars. Is it heavier duty than the $125 Chef’sChoice 6150000 Food Slicer? Absolutely!
    What I like about the slicer is I do believe that it will last me several years, especially since I am a very light user. I will perhaps use the machine 1/2 hour every two weeks. What I do not like is the blemishes that seem to have left the factory this way. (No damage to outside box what so ever.) It is also much more difficult to clean than my previous slicer. But I expect all slicers built to replica commercial slicers would have that same difficulty. In a nut shell, the reason this slicer is not re-packaged and labeled to go back to Amazon is because I believe it is still a good value for the price paid.

  124. DAVID

    Perfect execution

  125. Gary

    brand new highly recommend

  126. David

    The slicer worked really well. I sliced ham deli thin, and frozen London Broil a little thicker for jerky. It’s a little pricey, but I think it’s worth it.

  127. Lien

    Excellent machine! I’ve used it three times within 5 days owning it!

  128. James

    Really nice meat slicer, and the teflon blade works like magic when slicing any cheese. Clean up is easy enough. Won’t take long to pay for itself. Only CON I can think of is you have to “catch” the meat or cheese slice on the backside or small bits of it will get sucked back around the blade and make a huge mess. But with a little practice you’ll avoid this mess.

  129. cliff

    taking blade off to clean be careful to have screws lined up easy to cross thread

  130. Robert

    OUTSTANDING…Everything a home/commercial slicer should be….I am very happy.

  131. Karry

    Excellent experience

  132. Ed

    So far- so good. I’ve used it twice and it worked GREAT!


    Wow, I just found the perfect meat slicer!!!! Korean BBQ, Pho Soup Meat, Brisket, Ribeye. On youtube, they will teach you how to disassemble and clean. Easy to use…just be careful with the sharp blade. This is a lifetime keeper!

    Very happy with this slicer!!!!

  134. CountyCop911

    Easy to Clean. Very well made. Glad I purchased this Meat slicer.

  135. linda

    Product performs even better than described. Easy to use and clean. Delivered as promised. Thank You!

  136. Travis

    I had some difficulty with the slicer but the customer service was prompt and fixed my problem. The machine seems to be working great. I will update this review if anything changes because I plan to do plenty of slicing with this.

  137. Ralph Martin

    So much more powerful, Quiet and safety features
    So satisfied, from slicing beef and chicken jerky to slicing onons, lemons , whatever I grab for dehydration

  138. Mark Howell

    There is nothing i don’t like about this machine. Easy to use, does a great job of slicing, easy to disassemble and clean.

  139. Alfred

    Very fast delivery.

  140. David Jarvis

    First allow me to say that the slicer arrived quickly and well packaged. The slicer was easy to put together “just the sneeze guard and the sharpener”. The slicer is very quiet in operation and the adjustment knob works nicely. I am looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it.
    The only down side so far is it will absolutely will not slice frozen salami. I have not tried it on other frozen meats.

    I will follow up after more use has been done.

  141. Cuisined

    The new slicer is flawless inside-out. It works great, very quiet and has a very, very robust motor for the home user. The slicer is a delight to work with and clean. you will need some gloves to wand around freely around the blade. I am totally digging the slicer now that it has been replaced and I can sanitize it properly.

  142. David A Heiden

    Excellent slicer

  143. Crazy shopper

    It’s a bit pricy for what you get (for this much, you can het a decent sewing machine that has many parts and many features)

    But it works well and is sturdy. I’m happy.

  144. George S

    We use it in our restaurant for slicing cooked prime rib so thin you can see through it, and also green tomatoes. We only use it a couple of times a week..is it commercial grade? no. But it does an excellent job for the price.

  145. kawiki

    What my husband wanted slices real nice

  146. J. L. Williams

    Absolutely no regrets getting this meat slicer. plenty of power, easy to clean, safe to use, and the teflon blade is wonderful when slicing cheese.

  147. Landen R Constantino

    So convenient and consistent

  148. TechConsumer

    This slicer is well made very robust and it is on the heavy side. The slices are consistent and it easily goes through the meats my wife uses to make jerky, including large semi-frozen chunks. I have not heard the motor strain at all during slicing. It is easy to take apart: tray – 1 hand screw, blade cover- 1 hand screw, and blade – 3 flat head phillips screws.. We bought a pair of gloves that are a metal weave specifically to safely handle this sharp blade. I help my wife get it out and set it on the counter due to the weight.

  149. chenqian89

    I used it to slice the frozen bulk of brisket and pork for hot pot ; it is awesome! Also easy to clean with the food resistant glove.

  150. John clifford

    very pleased w/ quick response & solutions offered by this seller

  151. Chuck Dugas

    Good quality. Very well made. 3 screws were easy to remove.

  152. Patricia Mcloud

    Love it

  153. KWS Customer

    Works well. The only complaint beyond difficult cleaning process is that the blade ejects bits and pieces of food out the back of the machine during operation.

  154. Joseph A Shepard

    We make our own cured meats like bacon, corned beef and bologna. This slicer cuts meats effortlessly. It’s a dream.

  155. Jim from Ky

    After wasting several hundred dollars on the cheap slicers, I decided to go with a heavier duty model. This had good reviews and the price was good too.
    My 2 main uses for this was for beef jerkey, and slicing potatoes, tomatoes and onions. It’s awesome for these 3 uses, and much more.
    I wanted a 12 inch, but after thinking about what I’ll use it for, decided on this 10 inch. Really good choice.
    Very heavy unit, about 30 lbs or so at least. But that’s good, it doesn’t move when used.
    Food tray is small, but it’s a small unit. The claw handle doesn’t go up very far, so you may have to trim things to get them to fit. That goes for length of the food as well, like rib-eyes, NY strip, etc. Does great for deli bologna chunks.
    SLicing is the fun part, lets get to the big thing, CLEANING IT!!!
    Having worked in a grocery store for years, we used the totally commercial “H” brand, costing well over $1k. This is not that quality, but fairly close.
    After use, you MUST clean it thoroughly, or it will stink, draw bugs, and will be nasty the next time you use it.
    Oh, go ahead and get the teflon coated blade too, it’s worth the extra expense. I say that because a friend of mine bought the same model without that blade, and it’s harder to keep clean and sometimes need a spritz of cooking oil when you first start to use it.
    AND, buy the cut proof gloves, believe me you’ll need them and if you don’t, you’ll quickly wish you had.
    You can take this machine down easily. There is a video on the order page, showing how. Very easy.
    One thing, make sure when you remove the food tray, it aligns back properly. On my model, I had to remove the tension screw and the knob, to get the tray off. The bracket fits in a groove on the food tray, and it must be alighed and tight.
    Use the gloves on the blade of course, and don’t wear open toed shoes when cleaning, just a warning and no i didn’t drop it.
    The instructions and video are very good, and shows how to disassemble.
    Lay your parts from left to right when removing, like you would your rifle when cleaning, and the reassemble in the right to left order, this way you don’t skip a section. Clean one part at a time.
    I’ve used this dozens of times, and still haven’t had to sharpen it yet. Very good quality.
    ON CHEESE, this is a little tricky. If you try cheese, the softer the harder it is to slice. Put the cheese in the fridge or freezer for a bit to harden it up. Not too long though. It’s a practice thing with cheese, both with type of cheese and temperature.
    Veggies do great. Juicy stuff like tomatoes make a mess, but that’s the nature of it. I put the machine on a baking sheet pan when I do this, or when slicing fresher meat with lots of blood still in it. It’s a drip pan setup.
    I’d buy this again, and next time I’ll get the 12 inch just because I want one. But this one will probably be around awhile.

  156. Michael Bishoff

    Great product, too big for my kitchen.

  157. KWS Customer

    The one thing that kept this from being 5 stars is the slicing width. I make my own bacon and I have to cut the pork belly in half length-wise because it is too wide for this slicer to cut. The travel is not enough on the slide. Other than that, there is nothing this slicer hasn’t done with what I need. It slices cheeses, even soft cheeses with no problems. Soft meat, cured, smoked, partially frozen…all sliced with great, consistent results. The machine is quiet and powerful.
    It is not as difficult to clean as other reviews have alleged. If you take your time and handle the blade with caution it is not difficult. The front plate comes off with a turn of the knob on the back, three screws hold the blade in place and you are set.
    ***be sure to pick the right size screwdriver to remove the blade bolts as they seem to be a softer metal and could strip out easily***
    If I ever need to buy another slicer, it will be this brand, just the 12″ size…

  158. Ann

    it was just as thay said it would be

  159. Ann Kennedy

    it was just as thay said it would be

  160. Bird Watcher

    For home use this slicer really does a great job. I could not be more pleased. It has a very strong motor and does not get bogged down. Slices through meat cleanly with each slice. This is a very nice unit and I would recommend it to anyone.

  161. Jerome

    Quickly delivered. Very well packaged.

  162. Richard Kwong

    Had it for a few months and used it about 10 times. Great slicer. Used it for roast beef, cheese. vegs. Slices so cleanly and uniform. its smooth slider and quiet motor make it a breeze to use. Very easy to dissemble and clean. can’t believe it took me so long to buy one.

  163. Bountiful Harvest, Inc.

    Does everything we wanted and more

  164. Bob

    Commercial grade, powerful, sharp, easy to clean… just a great unit.

  165. L C Myers

    Excellent slicer. I can slice meat as thin as I want and its effortless. Cleaning is a bit tough, I’m just afraid that I may strip the screws holding in the blade if I’m not careful. I also bought gloves from Don’t Cry and wearing them while cleaning the slicer made me more comfortable.

  166. Juana

    Excelente! Me encanta y muy fácil de usar

  167. Michael

    Slices to the thickness you want

  168. cfl

    Best on the market, but follow the instructions.

  169. Cigar Smoke

    This slicer is heavy and cuts very well. Minimal assembly to get started. Be careful as you can be when cleaning this unit. If you take the blade off to clean it (I did) you will want to be very careful not to cut your self. I am considering getting some cut proof gloves. You can make meat into a pile of sandwich fixings or a large chub of meat into thin steak strips for teriyaki. This is a serious piece of equipment and not your run of the mill plastic case slicer.

  170. Bob Hughes

    I had ordered a “Beswood” slicer, almost identical… on/off switch funky… as was an identical replacement. Sent it back, and good a Vovor…. great switch, but if it had been off a while, you had to turn on/off/on…. to get it running.

    This one, is about $80 dollars higher, but it suffers with no “quirks” it just works wonderfully.

    The Teflon blade on this one makes it great… I also cut, lunch meat, pepperoni, pork loin for jerky and chicken for jerky… absolutely amazing.

    Old adage, of “You get what you pay for” applies here.

    As far as cleaning, it is servicable. It will rake a couple minutes to figure the blade. 2nd time, it disn’t take 5 minutes to clean. I more than save that in how quickly it slices.

  171. Michael

    You can slice what thickness you want

  172. Gramy922

    Very heavy, does not slide around during operation. Has a high quality blade. Sliced ham paper thin. Easy to use. As for cleaning, the 3 screws holding the blade are torqued on from factory. Use a drill w/ medium clutch or small cordless impact to loosen, for the first time. The blade is a very snug fit. Wiggle it side to side. It will come loose. “VERY SHARP” do not drop. Use no cut gloves to handle. Keep all moving parts lubed. “FOOD GRADE LUBE” Very quite! Couldn’t be happier for the price. For slicing beef jerky. Freeze meet for about 30-40 mins first. Hard chill, not frozen solid. This will work well. I ordered the unit with the TEFLON BLADE . I gave 3 stars on cleaning because cleaning is never easy, When done right. 4 stars on use. It’s not automatic. 5 stars on value. Check HOBART price.

  173. Missy W

    I love this slicer! For those that said it was difficult to clean…I didn’t have any problems with mine. Compared to the small cheaper slicer i had, this is a dream to clean. It’s quiet, smooth and cuts very nicely. I went through 10 pounds of beef for making jerky with ease! The machine is heavy, but that keeps is very stable on my kitchen counter. Don’t try to take the blade off for cleaning without cut free gloves! It slices well because it is very sharp and has a good amount of weight to it! Be VERY careful! I absolutely recommend this slicer!

  174. Ronda

    packed well.

  175. rickey wayne maston


  176. Michael

    High quality for a great price. Fast shipping.

  177. Vinh N. Tran

    Easy to use, but very hard when come to cleaning. It slices the meat like butter. Suggest to freeze or hard the meat before slicing it; otherwise it will be a mess and does not come out like you like it to be. Other than that it is a good and well designed machine with the right price. It would be nice if it comes with a machine cover for dust.

  178. KWS Customer Service

    Plenty of power doesn’t bog down, first use was to cut up 30 pounds of jerky meat and it cut like a champ blade is super sharp from the start.

  179. darrell dixon

    I like it, good for home. Great quality

  180. Nicole

    Absolutely awesome slicer!

  181. MajorBaeb

    Simple to use, and efficient. Little bit difficult to clean, but not impossible. Smooth action, and keeps us up to date. Easy to adjust thickness.

  182. Regina

    accurate description, fast delivery

  183. KJG719

    Very nice always wanted a top grade slicer and found one

  184. Shelli

    Works well.

  185. Catherine

    This slicer is amazing. We cut two frozen roasts into jerky with no problems. I watched a video on how to disassemble for cleaning and it was quite easy. You must be very careful handling the blade. My only unlike is the fact that the instruction book has no good information in it at all.

  186. NK


  187. JerryH

    Overall a very good slicer. The included instructions were awful. But a good operation manual can be found online. The 3 Phillip screws holding the blade on were very tight. But it took less than 1 second to loosen them with a small cordless impact screw driver using a #2 Phillips head screw bit. The only challenge is putting the blade back on while avoiding the safety fence.

  188. KWS Customer

    Absolutely love this slicer! We do a lot of jerky and always had “scrap and torn pieces” not with this slicer!

  189. The Fiddl3r

    The slicer works fantastically. I cut a two pound block of cheese into 1/16″ slices and the cheese went through as if it was soft butter.

    The slicer does have a few minor cosmetic defects. The blade cover and the wall the item to be sliced rides along had numerous very small ‘dings’. The actually caught very small amounts of cheese but they were pretty easy to clean. Eventually I will get around to using my Dremel to smooth them out.

    Cleaning is labor intensive but very easy to to accomplish. I still haven’t read the manual, but I did get the cleaning instructions from watching a YouTube video. As others have said the screws holding the blade on were relatively tight. However, only one required resorting to using an impact driver to remove. Using the impact driver removed the resistant screw easily.

    A bigger problem was the KWS label and the label on the back. Both were improperly attached and there are gaps into which food can fall and it isn’t easy to get them out. I finally used a toothpick to clean out the bits of cheese. I’m not sure what I’ll do when I get around to cutting semi-frozen meat.

    A suggestion is for the design to contain an easy way to lock the slide. There is a screw which is accessed under the unit which will ‘lock’ the slide, but it is very inconvenient to use.

    The unit is heavy enough to require a little effort to move it around so I have placed it on a small roll-around table where it will permanently reside. I can easily roll the table to wherever I need the slicer.

    Even with the small cosmetic defects I do recommend this slicer.

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Q: The cleaning part of this has me nervous. How is this blade removed for cleaning?
— Asked by Tone on May 3, 2017
A: very easy to clean and to operate.
— http://Janet%20Moore

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