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MS-12HP 12″ Deluxe 450W Meat Slicer with Stainless Steel Blade - 2

MS-12HP 12″ Deluxe 450W Meat Slicer with Stainless Steel Blade

(12 customer reviews)


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy Base
  • Power: 450-Watts Motor Power
  • Cutting Thickness: 0-0.6″
  • 45 Degrees Carriage for Better results of slicing
  • Dimensions is 24.5″ (L) * 22″ (W) *25.5″ (H)
  • Certification: ETL. NSF, FDA, CE, LFGB, and RoSH
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MS-12HP 12″ 450W Commercial Deli Slicer with Stainless Steel Blade + Commercial Grade Carriage

The KitchenWare Station MS-12HP 12″ high quality stainless steel blade semi- automatic commercial deli slicer is specifically designed for commercial use in restaurant, commercial kitchen, butcher shops, delis, farms, and even home use. MS-12HP 12″ features 450 watts of motor power for commercial applications, it is perfect for slicing meats(recommended), vegetables, cheeses and fruits smoothly, quickly and effortlessly up to .6″ thick (0-15mm) with the numerical scale knob. MS-12HP 12″ also provides a built-in dual whetstones sharpener and ring guard assembly for the blade, which is more convenient to keep a razor sharp edge on the blade, and safer to use. The slicer’s blade of KitchenWare Station MS-12HP 12″ is constructed of high quality 304 stainless steel; and the body of MS-12HP 12″ is made of aluminum alloy which are more durable and less likely to corrode.


45 Degree Product Tray

The product tray of our KWS MS-12HP meat slicer is mounted at a 45 degree angle, which uses gravity to better hold the product against the knife so you apply less pressure while ensuring a more consistent product. The product tray of our KWS MS-12HP slicer can hold foods up to 8.5″ (L) X 14″ (W) X 8″ (H).

High Quality 304 Stainless Steel

Unlike some of the carbon steel blades on the market which has a shorter service life, is easily oxidized and blunt out. Our KWS 12″ high quality 304 Stainless Steel blade is anti-rust, firm and more durable. It offers precision while providing several different slice adjustments. It consistently and effortlessly cuts meat, vegetables, or cheese from paper thin to 0.6 inch thick.

KWS stainless steel blade
MS-12A Sharpener Detail

Built- In Sharpener

Our KWS slicer features a built- in sharpener that both hones and sharpens the blade. It helps the blade to maintain a sharp edge for slicing by pushing the front and back button for a couple of seconds, ensuring that your blade is always razor sharp and ready to slice.

Commercial Grade Carriage

A metal pusher on the feed tray allows you to provide pressure against the product being sliced, preventing slipping, ensuring a consistent cut, and also guarding your hands from the slicer knife.

MS-12A Product Tray Detail
MS-12HP product tray assembly

Removable Product Tray Assembly

The carriage can also be removed easily for thorough cleaning. This feature can reduce seams and hard-to-reach places where bacteria can grow, making the slicer as easy as possible to clean.

Other Features:
• Skid proof rubber feet secure the slicer on the counter-top while slicing
• Creates a more consistent, even product
• On-off switch with waterproof cover
• Easy to clean and maintenance
• Fixed Device Handle for Pushing the Fixed Meat to Slice
• 1 additional whetstone and 1 additional belt
• Product Tray Dimension (inch) : 8.5 (L) X 14 (W) X 8 (H)
• Overall dimensions: 24.5 (L) X 22 (W) X 25.5 (H)
• Voltage: 110V/ 60HZ
• Rotation Speed (r/min): 440r/min

12-Inch Model Comparison Chart: 

12-Inch Slicer Comparison Chart

Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

Additional information+
Weight 82 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 22 × 25 in
Reviews (12)+

12 reviews for MS-12HP 12″ Deluxe 450W Meat Slicer with Stainless Steel Blade

  1. Jun

    Gotta say, I wasn’t too sure about this before buying it but now that I’ve been using it for about two and a half months now, it works like a champ!! I like to thinly slice briskets and other frozen meats and it works close enough to a heavy duty Hobart but not nearly as expensive!! Definitely would recommend this slicer!!

  2. Daniel Bombard

    I have yet to see how the product holds up, but it works like a champ, so far!

  3. Michael Lee

    Excellent CS. They actually called me to verified my double order by mistake. We had a conference call with Amazon and sort things out. Also, fast delivery. They really care about customers. And the product I received is just what I wanted. Slicer is very smooth and works flawlessly.

  4. jon j Cannella

    Best slicer for the cost!!!!!

  5. Micheal

    Fantastic customer service! Some of the best I have received!

  6. emile van galloway jr.

    This slicer is the best and I do a lot of pork belly works great

  7. David Blake

    Great customer service, would highly recommend their product.

  8. chazze9

    Great meat slicer . I’m glad that I purchased it. Good customer service .

  9. S. Ali

    Works great. It slice really good. The blade is extremely sharp. Always dial it to 0 before clearing.

  10. Fuzzy

    Cut 6.5lb of roast beef cuts very thin love it

  11. Sherry Perra

    I like this slicer. It’s easy to use. However, for me cleaning is a little time consuming.

  12. Ryan

    Slicer Arrived on time just as stated. Product is built better then I thought it was going to be. It did have some damage done in shipping contacted KWS and told them what happened and they sent out the replacement parts no questions asked. Slicer is quite and operates super smooth, I am glad I choose KWS over some of the other brands. The MS-12 HP is a heavy machine. Best left in one location.

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Q: I'm confused about the "food tray" dimensions and how that affects the carriage's slicing range. What is the food width capacity of this (and other models) slicer? I am looking for something that can slice pork bellies into bacon strip which run, on average, 12 inches wide. Thanks.
— Asked by Steve on 06/30/2020
A: Thank you so much for your interest in our meat slicer. To answer your question,the largest size of meat that you can cut on each model is as following: 6-inch models (SS, ST, RS, RT) 200W : 5.5 (L)X 7.5 (W) X 4.5 (H); 10-inch model (NS, NT, DS, DT, SL, XT) 320W: 7” (L) X 7.5”(W) X 5.5” (H); 12-inch models (NS, NT, DS, DT, SL) 420W : 8.5” (L) X 11” (W) X 8” (H); MS-12HP 450W model: 8.5" (L) X 14" (W) X 8" (H). A quick tip that we learn from our bacon lover customer, If the size of your pork belly is longer than 8.5" but less than 4" height, some customer will fold their pork belly in half when it is thaw and then slightly freeze it before slicing. By doing so, you can slice a longer piece of bacon up to 17-inch on our 12inch slicer. We hope this answer your question. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly if you need further assistance.
— KWS Customer Service Team
Q: Is this meat slicer made in the UNITED STATES'?
— Asked by Corina on 03/12/2021
A: KitchenWare Station is a U.S. based company. Our factory locates in China, we are also the provider to many brands within the US and internationally for over 27 years. KWS as the direct brand to the manufacturer, we have the advantage of having the improved model and better material quality. We hope this answer your question.
— KWS Customer Service Team

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Spare Parts

  • KWS stainless steel blade

    Part # 105 Stainless Steel Blade for 12-Inch Meat Slicer

  • KWS blade guard disc

    Part #104 Blade Cover for MS-12 Meat Slicer

  • KWS handle

    Part # 160 Product Tray Handle for 12-inch Meat Slicer (Fit All 12 inch Models)

  • 12 inch belt

    Part #119 Replacement Belt For 12-Inch Meat Slicer

  • KWS Blade Guard Knob

    Part # 49 Blade Cover Knob for MS-12HP Meat Slicer

  • KWS motor

    450W Motor for 12 inches Meat Slicer (Fits Model MS-12HP )

  • Placeholder

    Part #32 Motor Belt Wheel for MS-12HP Slicer

  • MS-12HP ejector assembly

    Part #51 Sharpener Support and Ejector Assembly for MS-12HP

  • KWS Blade Pulley

    Part # 42 Blade Pulley Assembly for MS-12HP Meat Slicer

  • KWS 12 inch meat slicer sharpener

    Sharpener Attachment For 12-Inch Meat Slicer (Fit Models MS-12NS, MS-12NT, MS-12DS, MS-12DT, MS-12HP, MS-12A)

  • Part # 16 Support Arm for MS-12HP Slicer

  • Part # 142 Carriage Release Knob for 12-Inch Meat Slicer

  • KWS meat slicer sharpening stone

    Sharpening Stone Set for 12-Inch Meat Slicer (Fit All 12-Inch Models)

  • KWS relay

    Part #68 Relay for Models MS-12HP Slicer

  • KWS Slicer Capacitor

    Part #36 Capacitor for MS-12HP Slicer

  • MS-12HP-feet

    Part #2 Foot for MS-12HP Meat Slicer