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WB-16 13L / 55 Cups Heat Insulated Water Boiler (6 Colors Available)

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Material:Double Stainless Steel Layer – Safe to Touch
Features ceramic thermostat technology to prevent water from over boiling
Power: 950 watts
Capacity: 13L / 55 cups / 13.7 Quarts
Dimensions: 12″ (L) * 15″ (W) * 19”(H)
Voltage: 110V/ 60HZ
Certification: CE, LFGB

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The KitchenWare Station commercial electrical water boiling WB is designed for customer that need a lot of hot water quickly, whether you are using it for social gatherings, business meetings, home entertaining, club, group function or waiting areas, WB will definitely meet your expectation. The body of WB uses high quality double stainless steel layer to provide better heat preservation and heat insulation. WB also uses durable silicone tap and visible water level scale meter to increase the level of safety. This KWS WB is very user friendly, it comes with double working light to indicate “boiling” and “keep warm”.

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  1. sparkum

    I work on a boat a been thru alot of water boilers and this is the best. It heats fast but the best part it stays hot for a long time. Also it is very durable we hit a wave and it fell off our shelf which is about four feet high the lid stayed on and no dents some scraps to the lid works perfect. I like that it’s 950w cause I use a inverter to power it and doesn’t kill my batteries. Would recommend only problem is they don’t shop to Hawaii. Very sad about that had to ship it to my friends house in the mainland they ship it to me. But still best one yet.

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